Samsung's Foldable Smartphone Unveils In Unpack 2019 Teases

Unpack teases showed off Samsung's foldable smartphone

Monday, 4 February 2019

/ by Gabriel Kingsley
While we wait patiently for a couple of weeks more for Samsung to finally unveil their Galaxy S10 and its twin brothers, we must have seen, read and heard enough leaks, rumors and teases of the company's early 2019 flagship.

Of course, many people are curious and excited about the phone but along the line, there might be a new game changer which seems to steal the entire show – am talking about the Samsung foldable phone. Earlier, some people have doubted if such phone truly exist, Samsung has however, released a teaser video for it's unpacked 2019 to clear up some sounds.

Accepted, this may be a mere “mockup” prototype the company may have used for marketing objectives. Some have theorized that the device Samsung showed last November was pretty much a fake. Indeed, this video is filled with devices that don’t really exist, for instance is a totally bezel-less tablet.

There are also devices that are expected to appear later this month, especially the Galaxy S10. It’s bezel-less screen also makes an appearance but, eagerly, without then notorious punch hole camera cutout. That section of the teaser implies that certain USB-C accessories that will do more than just transfer data from phone to computer.

As for the foldable phone is concerned, the one in the teaser definitely looks a bit different than the one that was showed off late last year. The folded device is wider, which means the unfolded tablet will also be wider, almost like a regular tablet. And, of course, it barely has bezels.

What Samsung showed at its conference last November was only a simple prototype. But the fact that it has been able to get to this extent will definitely prompt out some questions. While Samsung may actually tease this foldable phone at MWC 2019 again, it perhaps won’t have much to say when it will actually launch.

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