[Rumor] New Patent Revealed Galaxy Note 10’s S-Pen With Camera

Will the S Pen of the upcoming Galaxy Note be integrated with a camera to take selfies? That is what we don't know as it remains a rumor but as time goes on, we'll keep you posted on every leaks that comes our way.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

/ by Gabriel Kingsley
Samsung always has bold ideas for its high-end smartphones, from new screen designs, exclusive features to new technologies on the S Pen of Galaxy Note series. To explain this further, one of Samsung's newly approved recent inventions has revealed an extremely “cool” feature of the next-gen Galaxy Note series, and particularly on the S Pen of the device.

Accordingly, in an effort to completely abolish the screen design that has been cut or "punched" as it is now, and also to provide users the full screen experience, Samsung will renew the S Pen on the next-gen Galaxy Note series.

Based on the newly revealed invention, the Korean manufacturer will put the selfie camera on the S Pen, a necessary accessory for the Galaxy Note series. And with the built-in selfie camera on the S Pen, Samsung will no longer have to worry about how to put this selfie camera on the screen of the device, from which users will have a device with a real overflow screen.

The camera cluster is integrated inside the pen which will be controlled by a physical button right on the body of the pen, additionally, there will be another key to adjust the zoom.

This invention reveals the new S Pen pen design that will appear on the next-gen Galaxy Note line, but does not point out which Galaxy Note model it is. If Samsung has enough time to develop new designs, we can expect this year's Galaxy Note10 to inherit this unique feature.

In short, the patent did not mention whether Samsung has removed the selfie camera in the body of the device or not – hence, it only reveals new technology. The only thing we can be certain about at the present time is that the future S Pen which might allow users to take pictures directly without getting close to touching the smartphone.
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