OnePlus 5G Smartphone To Appear At MWC 2019

While OnePlus 5G smatphone appears in MWC 2019, we still do not have much news regarding to the spec, though it'll debut anytime around May this year

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

/ by Gabriel Kingsley
We have seen some leaks and teases of OnePlus first 5G smatphone. Recently, the company has announced the appearance of its 5G phone at MWC 2019, which happens later on this month. However, a new report from China confirmed that MWC ever is directly related with the 5G phone from OnePlus.

Inasmuch as this particular event, OnePlus is inviting everyone to “interact” over a 5G network at its stand within Qualcomm’s booth at Mobile World Congress.

Also, the company mentioned that those attending to the event will be able to get a taste of 5G gaming Experience through one of its latest “OnePlus Prototype with 5G.” Since OnePlus is teasing the gaming experience, we assume that this smartphone will have quite some power to impress the audience, probably, OnePlus next flagship will have a certain focus in the gaming industry.

As at now, it’s not possible to state the specifications of this upcoming handset, but taken into account the close bonds OnePlus and Qualcomm share, it appears reasonable to assume that the Snapdragon 855 will be part of the package alongside with the Snapdragon X50 Modem in order to allow 5G network capabilities.

Design-wise is what we have no clue as per  what OnePlus has in store for us, but previous leaks already teased a OnePlus smartphone with an undisturbed screen and a slider mechanism. A design language which will look pretty much alike to the one adopted by Xiaomi with the Mi Mix 3.

Meanwhile, the OnePlus 5G phone is expected to launch sometime in May along with the OnePlus 7. While the latter shouldn’t retail much higher than the current gen OnePlus 6T, we expect to see the OnePlus handset with 5G costing way more than a standard 4G flagship.

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