Iranian Gamers Restricted From Playing Apex Legends Due To Sanction

Iranian gamers reportedly unable to access Apex Legends game because of sanction from U.S government. Meanwhile, they have reported this to EA’s customer care but to no avail until it was reported to EA’s community forum.

Monday, 11 February 2019

/ by Gabriel Kingsley
Iranian gamers have leaked that they are prevented from accessing Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play Apex Legends, because of the sanctions imposed by U.S government.

ResetEra user RevengeTaken reported that Apex Legends was the only Electronic Arts-published title that was inaccessible in Iran, which instigated gamers to contact EA support for answers. However, nearly all of the support agents suddenly ended the live chats after announcing that they were unable to help. One support agent said that the issue was down due to “internal reasons.”

Hence, the Iranian citizens weren't happy about this and further took it to EA’s official forums to question the publisher about this issue, they now got another answer which strictly said that the company is working in compliance with U.S. laws. The response however, is given by EA’s community manager known to be EA Andy and thus he responded: “At the moment it’s not possible to access the game from Iran as we are acting in compliance with U.S. embargoes and sanctions laws.”

Also, there has been additional reports of Anthem‘s demo and The Division 2‘s beta which seems inaccessible in Iran but it’s still not clear if sanctions will affect full releases of both titles.

Nevertheless, RevengeTaken is not happy about this and according to RevengeTaken, it said that it’s possible for Iranian gamers to connect to Apex Legends through VPN and using another country’s IP. However, it affects pings and the experience is far from smooth. Players have been left confused by this development taking into account of EA’s previous titles are accessible, and other multiplayer games released by various North American developers and publishers also work, which of course includes Fortnite.

“I’m not trying to take a side in any political party or favor behaviors of a country over another,” RevengeTaken wrote. “But please understand that we, Iranian people, are human, we are gamers, we love games, and we make games.”
(Source: EA, ResetEra)
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  1. Ps4 and Xbox games are not officially aloud to be sold in Iran but next by Consoles and other gaming equipments Iran has by far one of the biggest gaming markets in the Middle East. You can buy everything from gift cards to accounts everything you can think, EA games are maybe a drop on the top of this. I self own a PS4 and some EA games like Titanfall. So at least it is not a good news for iraniam gamers to hear that they can't access the game apex legends due to embargo reasons. But there is still a question to me why also other gamers from other nations can't access apex l. Or has it something to do with the government shutdown in the United States..

    1. Definitely, that will also be the issue on this as well. If you can remember correctly, the same problem occurred when Huawei CFO was arrested.

  2. My Dear, Gabriel Kingsley,
    I still believe like many others politic has nothing to do in the gaming world so it is okay to play online with international people from all over the world. You can't condemn people to have a gaming console even your dad says don't play so much as so you can't colorize people and say you can't play in my group. The allowance is an individual decision. Many gaming companies have had server errors before also maintenence announcements so if this problem were reported also in other countries maybe there was a misunderstanding in the interpretation of the EA ADMIN ANDY as also fortnite restricted Iran etc. from getting the free full game but iranian gamers having access to playing fortnite online. I like huawei my phone is it so unfortunately politic has influence on everydaylife of people and not all is democratic as it should be.
    Stay tuned

  3. I tested the game again even I could join the game and tutorial It seems to be a ping problem with apex legends my suggestion is forget about it or get help by some pages No one would like to leave the squad. I for myself in decision to avoiding and buying EA GAMES in future for their policies and deleting the game. :)


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