Don’t Expect A Rainbow Six Siege Battle Royale Says Ubisoft Montreal

Ubisoft says don't expect a Rainbow Siege Battle Royale

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

/ by Gabriel Kingsley
With big name shooters like the Call of Duty to seek for the battle royale playing field, how long will it take for other online shooters follow suit to come? It’s clear. However, according to Ubisoft Montreal developers, Rainbow Six Siege will not be amongst them.

Though Tetris now has its own battle royale-style release, Ubisoft’s hit tactical shooter will not be part of the ongoing trend. In an interview with DualShocker, Rainbow Six Siege’s Creative Director, Xavier Marquis expressed as much. According to Marquis, he has made up his mind to remove Siege in reality, something battle royale at its core surely doesn’t favor.

However, the Game Director, Leroy Athanassoff was also asked for his opinion on the matter. Agreeing with Marquis, Athanassoff confirmed that while Rainbow Six Siege will continue to “experiment with gameplay,” a battle royale mode is not in the team’s development plans. “Right now, there is no plan of adding a battle royale,” Athanassoff said. “But we want our events to be an important tool to experiment with gameplay.”
(Source: DualShockers)

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