[Rumor]: Alleged Watch Dogs 3 Debuts A 2019 Release

What new pace will Watch Dog 3 take? We still don't know anything yet as it remains a rumor

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

/ by Gabriel Kingsley
Just after the release of Watch Dog 2 three years ago, it seems like the next entry in the series is purportedly approaching. Not just with it but obviously will be out by the end of 2019. Meanwhile, the information is inconclusive as none of them have been confirmed. But if it turns out to be true, then Watch Dog 3 would be a big change of journey for the series.

Of course, that shouldn't take us by surprise if we see Watch Dog go international, considering the fact that Ubisoft updated Watch Dog 2 ending to particularly utter an international expansion of DedSec. Additionally, some coordinates were given that specifically point to London, so the pieces definitely all line up.

According to the rumor, it also made notice that the players can also choose the gender of the protagonist, which is quickly becoming a Ubisoft staple, as we already have the option in Far Cry New Dawn and Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

However, a 2019 release is possible. While Ubisoft has already confirmed that there won’t be an Assassin’s Creed game releasing in 2019, potentially opening the field for a new Watch Dogs game. Also, Skull & Bones is set for 2019, although it still doesn’t have a release date yet. Watch Dogs 2 was released in 2016, when Assassin’s Creed game is not in existence, either, so there is definitely precedent.

Talking about a new Watch Dogs game ignited after a new trademark was discovered earlier this year. We could expect see a reveal at E3 2019, or possibly earlier before it. Or it’ll probably leak before anything, that tends to happen with Ubisoft games.
(Source: GameRector)

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