New Patent Shows OPPO Using The Punch-hole Dead Area To Launch App Icon

Amongst the trends of this year's phone, Punch-hole seems to be one of them. Meanwhile, OPPO is not left out of the trend as they have revealed a patent, which shows that the dead area can be used to launch app instead

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

/ by Gabriel Kingsley
While the punch-hole camera seems to be a trend in the smartphone industry this year, OPPO has been busy trying to make a difference with their smartphone when compared with others.

Samsung being the first company to introduced punch-hole camera screen with their Galaxy A8s which seems to be a dead area for the screen yet touchable, also, there are hidden features embedded in it which most people don't really know that it exists.

On the other hand is Huawei, who launched its punch-hole camera screen with the Nova 4 and thus, clueless whether it has a hidden feature or not. Since Samsung Galaxy A8s has a hidden feature, it is also possible for Huawei Nova 4 to come with its own hidden feature just that we haven't figured it out yet.

And now, it's time for OPPO to embrace the punch-hole camera screen features but in a revised way. Instead of the dead space to be empty and do no work, OPPO has, however, use that “dead space” as a launcher for the camera and a shortcut for other apps.

On one hand is Samsung who used their dead space present in the Galaxy A8s to launch the camera app in selfie mode immediately with a swipe gesture, while on the other hand is OPPO who is mimicking the same feature but with a twist. Hence, this information is based on the new patent filed by OPPO.

The space that the punch-hole will occupy is often the place for the notification and status bar. But instead of having that cut off by the hole, OPPO’s patent will rather put the camera app icon in that space, with the hole right in the middle of the icon’s “lens”.

Nevertheless, the patent doesn’t end there. It also mentions of how a swipe gesture will reveal an app launcher in a way, with shortcuts to favorite apps taking up the top row of the screen.

In reality, that's not a solution though but it's more like a stopping a wound from bleeding and not healing it entirely. Meanwhile, this feature doesn't "fix" the problem when content will take up the whole screen, which thereby reveals the hole for what it truly is.

Furthermore, this is just a patent, not a finished implementation, but we’ll get to know more at MWC 2019 next month February if OPPO actually got that far.

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