Crackdown 3 Review Unveiled; Arrives Four Days Before Official Release Date

As we already know, Crackdown 3 will launch on the 15th of Feb. after a long wait. Meanwhile, the game will get its first coverage on Inside Xbox on February 5th, while the review is set for Feb. 11th.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

/ by Gabriel Kingsley
While we sit and wait for the arrival of Crackdown 3 which will definitely launch on the 15th of February, 2019. Microsoft however, have a positive mind in the quality of the game judging according to the review which will be ready on the 11th of Feb.

Most of us have waited for Crackdown 3 for a long time now, on a normal glance, it was supposed to be launched back in 2017 but was delayed to 2018. However, it has been shifted again for the second time and somehow was pushed one week ahead to the February 15 event.

However, in order to escape getting caught in the crossfire with Anthem, Bioware’s next open-world new IP that also received a VIP demo recently.

ZhugeEX, who is an analyst at Niko Partners, has shared the Crackdown 3 review date. The game will get its first coverage on Inside Xbox on the 5th of February, while the review is ready for February 11th. The full game is however, set to launch on February 15th so the reviews are coming almost four days before the game launches.

Furthermore, Crackdown 3 will launch simultaneously on Xbox Game Pass so you have nothing to worry about in terms of buying the game — so far you have a game pass subscription.

The game offers a multiplayer mode as well, which allows the player battle together in a large city with impressive destruction. The single-player portion will offer a story mode and supports the enhancements offered by the Xbox One X.

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