Top 5 Best Action Games For Android 8 Oreo 2019 || Best Offline And Online Games For Android 8 Oreo 2019

If you're looking for the best action shooting games for your device running on Android 8 Oreo, then this compiled list is for you

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

/ by Gabriel Kingsley
With the release of Android 8 Oreo, playing games are now becoming more difficult. At first, it was rampant on Android 7 Nougat but later on things began to settle at a pace and thus, most games out there in the Google play store and the ones downloaded from third-party blogs are now compatible.

Hence, we encounter this problem because the Android version is new at the moment and game programmers have not yet optimized the ones they have for the new Android OS.

Since we are experiencing this kind of difficult in terms of playing game in the Android 8 Oreo, what will be the fate of the upcoming Android P which is still in beta version but the name is still not clear to us regardless that it leaked earlier last week — Nevertheless, it's still a rumor and nothing has been confirmed yet.

Truly, it seems like the world has ended for gamers since the release of Android 8 Oreo, most games there on the internet don't play anymore, except the ones available in the Google play store "even some games in the Google play store some times have the same problem with the one downloaded from a third party site".

However, it turns out that the most interesting action games in the Google play store comes with its own price tag attached to it and thus, most of these games are online games and I'm pretty sure that most people don't fancy online games despite the alluring features and great graphics it may bring.

Anyways, don't loose hope yet - I was once like you but now, things doesn't remain the same. Stay calm and read on as I list out the top 5 best action games for Android 8 Oreo 2019 which I know that you'll be eager to have one installed on your device. This list contains both offline and online games but mostly online games. They come with good graphics and plays steady even with low Internet connection.

Top 5 Best Action Games For Android 8 Oreo 2019:

PUBG Mobile:

Have you ever played GTA San Andreas on any device before "be it console, Android or any device"? If yes, then PUBG Mobile is a replica of the game. PUBG Mobile comes with an amazing graphics, sounds and control. Trust me, you'll be lost in the game if you have a taste of it.

However, this is a multiplayer online game which was firstly released for Microsoft Windows and later on was released for Xbox one. A few months later, it was localized and released by Tencent Games in China, while two mobile versions based on the game for Android and iOS were also released.

In the game, up to one hundred players parachute onto an island and scavenge for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding getting killed themselves. The available safe area of the game's map decreases in size over time, directing surviving players into tighter areas to force encounters. The last player or team standing wins the round.

Modern Combat 4; Zero Hour:

This game isn't new to most people but there are some people who have check it out before. Even if you've played this game before with another Android version, trust me, the graphics are not the same compared to the one present in Android 8 Oreo.

Hence, its a 2012 first-person shooter developed and published by Gameloft Montreal for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other devices. It is the fourth game in the Modern Combat series. This game comes with a price tag in the Google play store but I know some of you don't have the money to purchase it. So, I'd providing a working apk and data for MC4 instead of the one on Google play store.

Forces Of Freedom:

Just hearing or looking at the name of the game is enough for you to know that this game is all about soldiers going to war, so if you're planning on how to get a shooting game then I suggest Force of Freedom.

However, this is an online game and in the game you'll meet users that are online willing to go to war with you. But before then, this game have two category "Enemy Team $ My Team" and you must belong in one category before you begin the game, so it's up to you if the be the attacker or the defender. Indeed, this game worth to have a price tag but it if free to download.

Knives Out:

Knives out is a game programmed and developed by NetEase Game, it's indeed a game that you'd love to play. Hence, it's an online game and you already know the rules "no need to explain how online games work after you must have read about it in the first and third articles in the list.

The major rule of this game is One Man Standing "i.e 100 players will be scattered throughout the massive battlefield". Your work is to explore the map, collect weapons, take aim, and pull the trigger. Remember, there can only be one winner!

Cover Fire:

If you're looking for an addictive and the best shooting offline sniper game for your Android then cover fire has all it takes to complete your dream. Your duty is to lead the battle and become the best shooter and sniper. Get a gun and start shooting!

Lead your brigade of heroes to a war against Tetracorp corporation in the best shooting game. Build your frontline strategy in the battlefield and kill your enemy from all sides. Face limitless ops action in the online tournaments game mode.Take your weapons from a killing arsenal and level up your soldiers with unique shooter skills. Do you accept the challenge? If yes then go get this game installed on your device.

Android 8 Oreo Best Offline And Online Action Games For January 2019:

If you're using a device running on Android Oreo then the above listed games are for you. Android 8 games are still scarce and you cannot find any better games on the internet than the ones listed in this article. However, the list comprises of both offline and online action games so it's now left for you to choose the type that will suit you better.

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