Google Confirms Android Q To Be At Work Now; What Does Google Want To Achieve In This New OS?

Android Q revealed to work with foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy F

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

/ by Gabriel Kingsley

Few months back, Google launched the Android Pie and now it's the news of Google getting Android Q at work. This was confirmed in the Samsung's Developer Conference where the company showed off a tease of it's foldable phone but the question is — what name do you think Samsung is giving its foldable smartphone?

Rumors earlier has made its suggestion to be Galaxy X and Galaxy F but we are not certain about what Samsung have in store for us. As the matter of fact, Google has already made an announcement that the foldable phone will support the new format and even went ahead to state it clear "the Android Q".

However, this is the first time we experienced Google spoke so openly about its new mobile operating system. One interesting news is that Android Q will natively support foldable phones and dual-screen phones as well.

"Expect to see Foldables coming from several Android manufacturers, including one Samsung previewed today and plans to offer next year" Google said in a speech.

This finally reveals just how a foldable screen could be useful. For example when watching a YouTube clip in phone mode you'll be able to unfold into tablet mode and the video with automatically fit the new screen and continue playing. Check it out in the GIF from Google:

As for the battery, expect it to work so well because of the automatic battery saving feature, whereas one screen turns off when the other is in use and thus, it has been backed by Google developer help. Furthermore, you can be able to run up to three different apps and many other features. In fact, expect surplus of other new features to be teased ahead of the as we draw closer and get our hands on more leaks.

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